19 juin 2018

Internship : AllSetFor.com

In this article, I will tell you about the Start-up in which I do my 6 months internship abroad,

more precisely in Barcelona.

First of all, you should know that AllSetFor.com is the first free collaborative platform dedicated to

outsourcing and optimizing professional training purchases. AllSetFor.com has become a key player in the field of intermediation and management of vocational training by constituting the first qualified and scoured community of more than 7000 members (training body, independent trainers, salaried experts, retired experts, large schools…).

With its success and in order to meet the expectations of its partners and customers, AllSetFor.com has developed a tool for the management and monitoring of the actions of professional training (collection of needs, sourcing providers, administrative management, Optimization of purchases, scoring provider and customers, activity reports and statistics…).

The company is divided into 2, an entity is located in Paris, where there are 9 employees, and the other in Barcelona, where we are 14.

In Barcelona there are some people from the commercial, technical, but especially the operations pole in which I am.

My assignments are as follows:

– Management of claimants requests, follow-up of customer/provider files

– Development of training conventions and contracts

– Sourcing: France, UK

– Customer Billing

The atmosphere between the colleagues is very good. Our breaks are decorated with babyfoot which relaxes the atmosphere and allowed us to have a common activity to get acquainted.

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