Young Balinese peoples

We had a priori on the lives of young Balinese, we thought them very different from Western youth but we were surprised to see that they were not. Indeed, all young Balinese have smartphones and use the same applications as French youth (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram). They are extremely well entrenched in globalization and watch many American series and films like us.

Their level of English also surprised us a lot because they all have a good level. This is due to the fact that they study a lot of English because it opens the doors of the tourism sector that is the most lucrative of the island.

They are also very inclined to interact with Westerners because they are very open-minded and it is very common to see Western youth groups mixing perfectly with groups of Balinese, both have a lot to learn one On the other hand, and the fact that they both master English makes it easier to do that.
However, young Balinese keep a very important part of their time devoted to their worship. Indeed these are very believers and often participate in various religious ceremonies because this is perceived as an honor in Bali.

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