Our second home

From the second month, we took a second rental because the first was far too expensive (see previous articles). It was Komang who helped us find this house because the owner is one of her friends. The house is at a stone's throw from the previous one, still in the face of Ungasan but we are much better for several reasons. First of all, the price that was negotiated by Komang was very interesting in us now paying only € 500 per month instead of € 750 as before.
Furthermore we now have our own bathroom and we own a small private garden which gives us a little more privacy and avoids the stray dogs to come scratching at our door.
In the garden we have a Gazebo, which is a typical Balinese structure that is actually a small wooden platform covered to sit for eating or chatting when it rains or even when it is hot taking advantage of its shadow.
It is in this house that we live since the second month and we have not found the utility to change.

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