Internship report

I am doing an internhsip in the Canang Sari Villas in Bali since february until july.

It is a luxury villas resort in the south of the island composed of 5 big and independant villas that can be booked on the internet.

During this internhsip I am in charge of the marketing with my friend Victor. We are marketing assistant of our manager Antok. He hired us to help him on different subjects where he do not knows many things about. But the main goal he hired us of was to generate more traffic on our website and so more direct booking. In fact, these direct bookings are the bookings that generate the more money because we do not have to pay taxes to the hosts like,, etc.

We are here to increase the visibility of the company on the social media and to improve the image that we show to our potential customers. For that we built a strategy with some goals to achieve and with a step by step architecture. We identified which are the important social medias we should focus on and we choose Instagram and Facebook.

We decided to rebuild the entire Instagram and our goal was to have a professional and beautiful contact to show to the visitors and also to increase the number of our followers. We do not have any budget dedicated to that so we need to be ingenious.

We had the idea to contact some famous Instagrammers who have more than 10k followers and give them free nights in the Villas in exchange of some photoshots that they will give us and put into their own pages with our name and our links.

This strategy works very well, we already did it 4 times and we multiplicate the number of our followers by 8 in 3 months!

But our website was really old, not sexy at all and the booking system was not user friendly and could discourage peoples who wanted to book on it. It is why we decided to start to build another website more modern, more luxury and with an easy and dynamic booking system to make it more simple for the visitors.

We did some models on Photoshop and we shew them to Antok to be sure we will accept. We found it really good and now we are building the new website with the original webmaster. It is an intersting work to do and I am sure it will be helpful for the future of the company.

We are also helping with the guests. When Antok and Komang are not here, we welcome the guests, make them a tour of the resort, we explain them how activities are working and what are the services they can ask. It is important to create a good contact with the guests to make them feel comfy.

It is an interesting internship on many points such as what we learn about marketing but also about what we learn about guest relation.


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