Bali and nightlife

The nightlife is very animated in Bali, especially in the city of Kuta (which is where all the trendy clubs and bars and therefore the majority of night owls).
Bars and clubs are open every day to allow tourists (mostly Australians) to have fun whenever they want. We did several clubs here and we were surprised by their size as they are much bigger than most of the clubs in Paris. Entries are either free or paying at the price of a maximum of ten euros.
There is a bizarre phenomenon in Bali that is discrimination at the time of club entry. Here the priority is clearly given to the whites because they are symbols of "wealth", "tourists" and are therefore more likely to spend. We have often seen groups of Balinese alone being denied entry without a pretext, even when this group was composed exclusively of women when we could easily enter in the club by being two men. So we were shocked and we were several times asked by local people to come back with us because they could not have been without us. Which is exactly the opposite of what happens in France!
But the most intriguing and the fact that the locals seem to accept this racism towards themselves because we have already heard a Balinese friend say "yes it's normal that you can enter more easily, you are white".

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