4 avril 2016

S6 Budapest 7 : Gellért Hill


Today I am going to present you the Gellért Hill, a little mountain in Budapest from where you can have the BEST view on Budapest.

The Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy in Hungarian), majestic, overhangs the city of Budapest with its 235 meters. It offers one of the best views on Budapest, when the weather is good we can see all the Hungarian capital and its neighbourhood as well as the Danube.

Climbing the Gellért Hill is not really difficult, the only risk is to waste some time when looking for the paths which are badly marked out (but you will always eventually find a path, the Hill is not so big). The easiest way to rise on Gellért is to go from the square Gellért or to go by stairs which are behind the baths Rudas. If you do not want to walk, you can take the bus 27 which will bring you directly to the top in a few minutes.

The hill’s name comes from the name of Bishop Gerard (Gellért in Hungarian). This Venetian member of a religious order was called in Hungary by the first king of the country, I. István, to help the sovereign to convert to Christianity a population which was then still largely heathen.


Stunning View from the Gellért Hill

The statue of Liberty (Szabadság-szobor in Hungarian) is located at the top of the Gellért Hill. It has been made by Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl in 1947, it has been set up in memory of the "Liberation" of Budapest by the Soviet troops. The Freedom is symbolized by a gigantic woman who holds a palm at arm's length. The base is framed by two other statues, a "Winner of the dragon" symbolizing the fight against the destruction and an allegory of the Progress, represented by a man holding a torch. It is one of the last statues of the communist period that is still present in the city, the others were transported in the Memento Park of Budapest (park which I will present later).


Statue of Liberty

So this is it, now you have all the informations needed about the Gellért Hill. I hope this article will be helpful for you, if you have some more questions don't hesitate to contact me: guillem.soler@ipag.fr


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