11 décembre 2015

Gaelic Football



The first official game of Gaelic Football dates back to 1712 years: he opposed the counties Meath and Louth in the city of Slane (home game for County Meath). The first Gaelic football rules were drawn up by Maurice Davin (founder of the GAA in 1884) and were published in the "United Ireland" magazine February 7, 1887. Since then, the sport has become a staple of the Irish sport, and most Irish counties have their own clubs and their regional teams.


Gaelic Football Rules

A Gaelic football match lasts 2 mi time of 30 minutes for league matches or two 35 minutes half time for championship games. Gaelic football is not as violent as Hurling, Rugby or Football (Soccer) tackles and tackles are prohibited. The shoulder against shoulder contacts are allowed


A player is not entitled to more than 4 consecutive steps with the ball in his hands. If he has a free hand and wants to progress towards the opposing goal, he can do:



- a "bounce" that is to say, bounce the ball on the floor (similar to that of dribble Hand) knowing that he has no right to do two in a row.

- a "toe-tap" (meaning toe toe) which is to bounce the ball on his foot.


This allows it again to make new steps 4 and so on. The player certainly has the right to carry the ball in his hands, but he can not pick up the ground with them: only with any part of the body except the hands. To pick up the ball on the ground, the player must make a "pick-up", that is to say, do it off the ground by a kick. If a player wants to get rid of the ball, it can propel the ball but not run for that it has:

- 'Kick' strikes by foot

- "Hand pass" hitting the ball fist or palm of the hand.

To pass, the player must keep the ball in contact with both hands. It is therefore obvious that the buck with a headline (like volleyball) is prohibited and penalized. It is also prohibited:


to shake up the goal in its area (rectangular). It is just possible to interfere when he wishes to make a pass.

to snatch the ball from the hands of the player (type between two basketball). To dispossess a player with the ball, you have to hit the ball.


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