27 juin 2018

Summary of my Internship Report

As part of my third year at Ipag Business School, I had to carry out a 4-to-6-month internship abroad. Following a long and thorough research, I had the inestimable opportunity to work in Dubai, for the five-star hotel Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach from the 18th February to the 18th July 2018, as a Marketing & Communications intern.


I was lucky enough to be part of a small team, enabling me to be given great responsibilities. The Marketing and PR team was first composed of Prinshith, the Graphic Designer, Werner, who was my tutor and the Marketing & PR Executive, and I, the Marketing & Communications intern. When Maria, the Marketing & PR Manager joined on the 2nd of June, Werner left 10 days after. 


Among my responsibilities, I was the full-time social media manager, in charge of publishing contents on all the hotel' social media accounts as well as interacting with the guests. On top of that, I was responsible for the administration of Marketing, dealing with invoices and quotations. I had to work closely with the graphic designer to imagine and implement collaterals and various artworks for both offline and online channels. Offline marketing refers to the outside banners, elevator and lobby TV slides, signages, etc. As for online marketing, it involves all social media contents, as well as coverages in e-magazines, web pages and web banners. 


Since the hotel industry in Dubai is particularly fast-paced, resignations and arrivals of new joiners were commonplace. As a matter of fact, my tutor Werner left at the beginning of June right after the new Marketing manager Maria joined. This was a dramatic change for the course of my internship, as Maria arrived with brand new and fresh ideas. Therefore, she trusted me enough to replace Werner and she involved me even more than I was into the Marketing of the hotel, giving me full responsibility for numerous projects. 


This five-month internship has taught me immensely, both professionally and personally. First, I learnt how to prioritise projects and to work under pressure. I was also able to gain significant marketing and communication knowledge, allowing me to understand quickly some situations and sort them out judiciously. Because I was asked to work alongside the graphic designer, I had to brief him on new projects and in a way, act as a manager. On a personal note, this work experience has matured me into a truly independent grown-up. On top of that, my English fluency and accent were considerably improved, and I now even feel somehow more comfortable writing in English than in French. 


All in all, it was an unforgettable experience to work for Sofitel Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. For five months, I lived independently, met memorable friends and colleagues, and worked for a position in which I could genuinely fulfil. From now on and thanks to that experience, I am certain that I wish to continue a career in Communications and the luxury industry. For the past several months, I have been actively seeking an apprenticeship for my first year of master's degree in Marketing, Communications and Sales, and I am hoping to find one before going back to school.

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