3 juin 2018

Touristic things to do when in Dubai

There are so many places of interest in Dubai that time seems never to be enough and when you return home you always do it with the feeling that you have left something unseen behind.

Dubai is a city in balance between the East with its millenary traditions and the West with its modernity; between its breathtaking views and ultra-modern buildings which challenge the laws of gravity; between the slow and relaxed rhythms of the desert and the frenzy and speed of the city.

In short, to answer the question 'What to see in Dubai?' is not an easy task but here is an overview of the main tourist, architectural and landscape attractions of Dubai.


The Old Dubai

To get to know the Middle Eastern soul of the city, you must go to the historic Bur Dubai district and visit the many, colorful and fragrant city souks. 

If you want to know the extraordinary history of this city you can devote a few hours to the Museum of Dubai or visit the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque.


The Modern Dubai

Get ready to be amazed by the Burj al Arab, the city's famous 7-star hotel with its sail structure, or the torticollis in front of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper at 828 metres. Don't miss the suggestive spectacle of water and lights of the Fontana Luminosa (Luminous Fountain).


To go Shopping

It is unthinkable to leave Dubai without visiting the Dubai Mall, the new Mecca of luxury shopping. Located just a few metres from the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping centre, but it has nothing to do with the shopping centres we are used to. Decorated domes, columns and arches in Middle Eastern style, 1200 shops and even an ice skating rink. If you like shopping centres, then the Mall of Emirates is definitely worth a visit as well, especially to experience the thrill of skiing at Ski Dubai, the world's largest indoor ski run.


To have Fun

For a day filled with fun, there is nothing better than the Atlantis Resort water park, which is on the premises of the 5-star resort Atlantis located on  the famous artificial palm-shaped island 'The Palm'. It certainly does not go unnoticed, since it is surmounted by an enormous Ziggurat, a reconstruction in real dimensions of the ancient Sumerian temple.

And again, as you stroll through the avenues of the Dubai Marina district, with its skyscrapers, shops, nightlife venues, squares, you'll wonder if it's really true that until a few years ago there was only desert there.

But Dubai is not only tradition, architecture or boutiques. It is also nature, breathtaking landscapes, miles of white beaches like Jumeirah Beach and above all, the desert. 

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