3 juin 2018

Things to know before going to Dubai

If you are thinking about going to Dubai, you should be aware that you go to a modern city but with strict rules.


Crime and alcohol

The punishments are severe, which is why criminality is practically inexistant. Many people do not lock their doors, because they know that there is no reason to fear an unexpected visit by a thief or an intruder. There is no level of tolerance on the amount of alcohol in the blood while you are driving, if you are stopped by the police with even just half a glass of wine in your body, the jail is the consequence of your actions. 

Moreover, be careful not to cross the road when the traffic light is red. If you get caught by the local police, you can go to jail for one night.


What not to do in public

A single kiss outdoors can be considered as an "obscene act". Dubai is indeed multicultural, but with rules need to be respected. Homosexuality is also a taboo subject and is punishable by death…

There is no obligation to wear the veil, but women cannot wear what they want. In malls and in the city centre, it is strictly prohibited to wear clothes unveiling shoulders, knees and tummy. However, some places like the beach are more tolerant and women can go out with the clothes they want. 



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