17 mai 2018

Dubai during Ramadan

Ramadan started on the 17th May 2018.

Ramadan kareem Card-2018-01 - Copy

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is observed with great attention and ceremony in Dubai, and is truly a one time in the year when you can really feel that it is an essentially Muslim country.

For Muslims, Ramadan represents a period when they purify their mind and body and reaffirm their relationship with God. 


As the tradition says, they are required to fast from dawn to dusk. 

But in Dubai, the expatriates are also in a way subject to these restrictions.


Indeed, eating, drinking, smoking and even chewing gum is forbidden as it is viewed as an offence to Muslims.

It is however allowed to eat and drink in private places such as your own room or some close-door restaurants (difficult to find).

Singing, dancing and swearing are also very frowned upon, and live music is forbidden as well.


When dusk comes, fasting ends and Iftar begins.

Iftar means "The Breaking of the Fast", and is the time when all Muslims can finally eat, drink, and socialise.

Most of the hotels in Dubai organise their own Iftar buffets, including Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach. 

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