28 octobre 2017

University of Essex – 4th week

This week, my parents and my brother came to visit me in Colchester. Despite attending my classes, I got the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing around the neighbouring counties and cities, since my parents brought their car.

We went to Cambridge for a day, which was about two hours by car. This city is absolutely marvellous and is overflowed with impressive buildings, all with a very typical architecture. Cambridge-iStock_89400801_XXLARGE-LargeThe University of Cambridge is divided into various departments, all located in different places. Compared to Oxford, the city is bigger and, I think, even prettier. 

We also got to visit Ipswich, Suffolk, which is not too far from Colchester. Much more beautiful, it is also home to a fluvial port bordered by the River Orwell. In comparison with Colchester, the town centre looks wealthier as well as cleaner, and it also seems more dynamic. 

Instead of staying in Colchester, my parents chose an Airbnb on a nearby island: Mersea. Therefore, I was able to visit and walk along the beach.


It was very heart-warming to see my family again, even though it hasn't even been a month since I haven't seen them. 

In terms of coursework, I am still really enjoying my modules, especially Italian and World Cinema. A great thing about my Italian module pedagogy is that I am going to be mentored. Every week, starting from the next one, I will meet another student, whose first language is Italian, wherever we want. Mentoring basically aims at casually chatting with a 'mentor' in the language being learnt. 


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