20 octobre 2017

University of Essex – 3rd week

This week has just confirmed my first opinions: my classes are so good! Except for some lectures, which I find a bit boring, the seminars are all really interesting and enriching.

However, we already know our subject for our Business Ethics essay (3 500 words long), which makes me very nervous, and even more from the fact that the subject is so vague… I am hoping I will find the inspiration in those two and a half remaining months.

On Friday, we saw a completely different movie from what I am used to watching: Om Shanti Om, a Bollywood movie. Against all odds and despite the duration (3 hours), I enjoyed the film very much! At first, it is very weird to watch such a different movie, but then you get used surprisingly fast to it, and you eventually learn to love it. What is appealing is I guess the aesthetics, the music and the humour. 


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