14 octobre 2017

University of Essex – 2nd week

 This week was the real start of my semester abroad, as I finally had my first classes! 

Thankfully, the modules I wanted were accepted and I can now move on to a new adventure. Therefore, my modules are Business Ethics, Introduction to Banking, Intensive Italian and World Cinema. 

I first had Italian, which I am really excited about because I am now able to learn and practise a new language besides Spanish and English. The only downside which I will have to get used to is that I am learning Italian in English, making my mind a bit confused sometimes. Other than that, I really appreciate the pedagogy so far: I don't have one teacher but two teachers, who can complement each other. For instance, if one misses out something, the other one points it out. Having two teachers makes a massive difference, as I think it also makes the pupils listen more carefully. In a nutshell, this course is amazing and I look forward to being fluent in Italian. However, as it is an intensive programme, we have Italian classes every day at 9 am, except on Friday…

Talking about Friday, I had my first World Cinema class on this day. This course has a very interesting way of teaching. Indeed, every Friday morning at 9 am, we have a 'screening', in other words, a cinema session for the movie the lecturer wants us to watch. Then, in the afternoon, we meet up and discuss the film as well as learn more about it. This first day, we watched 'Bicycles Thieves' in the cinema room (it is like a real cinema!), which is an Italian movie from 1948. It depicts poverty and unemployment after the Second World War in Italy, from the perspective of a father whose bicycle he needs to work with was stolen. I loved the movie, and I loved the lesson that followed.

I also had the first Business Ethics and Introduction to Banking lectures, which were interesting although a bit terrifying. Next week will be the first seminars of these two courses, which I hope won't be as difficult as the lectures seemed to be. 


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