7 octobre 2017

University of Essex – 1st week

This week, I discovered for the first time the University of Essex. 

Image result for university of essex

Its campus amazes every new student by its size and its diversity of architecture. But what I most appreciate about this university is how easy it is to meet new people and get along with them.

This first week was more of an introduction week, as my courses will only start next Monday. Therefore, we had a few presentations aiming at introducing us to the university. One of them was John Bercow's motivating and inspirational speech, who is the new University Chancellor and also one of the speakers of the House of Commons. Later on, we had the opportunity to make some changes to our different courses. Luckily, I managed to get the four modules I wanted to be accepted: Italian, World Cinema, Business Ethics and Introduction to Banking. Finally, this week ended with our final registration as Essex Abroad students, where I proudly received my Essex Uni student card.



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