20 juin 2018

Yunnan University lessons

First of all I want to say thank you to Ipag which allowed me to do these 3 months of studies in China as well as all the French teachers or Chinese teachers who allowed me to discover their culture.

In this article I have to make a summary of the lessons that I followed during this semester so I decided to list them and make a quick summary of each lesson I took during the semester

– Global Trade: I paid a lot of attention to this one because international trade is the specialization I chose for my 4th year, a new approach that I needed to understand the main lines.
A very rewarding course that allowed me to understand the issues of trade at the global scale

– Strategic HR: A subject based on the management of human capital: how to properly supervise them and especially how to optimize their productivity, a good management of human resources is necessary for a good functioning of a company

– International Finance: finance is a subject that allowed us to know a little more about the stock market system such as stocks or stocks options and the main rules of international financial markets, for me one of the most difficult of this semester in China.

– Chinese language: A practice lesson in Chinese, which taught us the basics both written and oral, the first concepts that allowed us to manage to order food, to exchange basic information such as to ask for the first name the date of birth, where did you come from? A very interesting course in the sense that it allows us to familiarize ourselves with a new language 

– Chinese Culture: Another course related to China since it is the history of China, a course dedicated to our knowledge of China and the further discovery of their culture

– International Marketing / Tourism marketing: Two topics that allow us to develop our marketing skills to target consumers according to the product we want to offer

– Doing business in China: A topic with a Chinese teacher that allowed us to understand how to introduce the Chinese market and especially how to do with the Chinese according to the codes and customs of business in China

In conclusion it is important to know that all of these lessons were taught in English in order to develop our skills in this language and that this international semester takes on its full meaning.


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