6 janvier 2018

Internship at Horizon London

For this first semeter of my expatriation year, my choice have been carefully considered, with the desire to go an English speaking country. In order to achieve a professional experience in a field that interests me a lot since my first internship in this sector of activity! So I started my first research this summer to find an internship in the real estate sector, this is how I applied in Horizon london a real estate agency, which purpose house for students and young professionals in roommates.

In a first time it is necessary to present, the real estate market because there are many partucilaritys in London. most of our property remains collocations because have its own property it’s difficult because the rent is very expensive. A very special situation compared to others major cities such as Paris or Berlin or housing.

It’s in this particular context that I started the September 10, 2017 my first experience abroad for a period of 4 months.

I’m glad that this one is done in English that I can improove my level, a notion which became necessary in the international Business.

About my integration, I felt comfortable with my new job, first of all with my first  week of training with Kristopher and my colleagues I take the time to explain me differents tasks and I have liked this

The team is very young it quickly allowed me to integrate really quickly into the company.

Despite the fact that I was a trainer, I i appreciated these attitudes and the participative management style practiced by my manager, It was an advantage for everyone. easily reached the monthly objectives set, because of the small structure of the company it was easy to exchange between us concerning the information or the directives given by our manager, About the way of working, for a Real estate agent, the rentals of this one will be done alone however having a team was important for everyone to perform for Horizon London.

I quickly felt comfortable with the methods of work:

Use of a real estate advertising platform, making contact with customers for later organized viewings, up to the signing of the contract.

I greatly appreciated the steps of the commercial negotiation, it was important for me to practice my learns in real context, In top of that the fact to be considered as an employee helped me a lot in my personal development, I felt entrusted with responsibilities and I needed that to exploit my abilities.

From the point of view of the contributions this internship has helped me on several points, first of all on the fact that I wanted to progress in English during this 3rd year for the moment it's things done since I feel more comfortable in this language, being confronted with people speaking English every day. we quickly realize that we progress, from more than one point of view professionals this internship has served me a lot first of all it allowed me to approove the idea that real estate was a sector that could match on many points, that's how I'm happy to share with you this unique experience of this kind! I want to thank all the people who made this internship happen in this conditions. Sincere thanks to my employer and all my colleagues for these 4 months and ipag that allows us to live this kind of experience …

A big thank you to all


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