5 janvier 2018

Sherlock Holmes : a famous detective

Here in London, everyone knows the famous detective Sherlock Homes and his collegue Dr. Watson. A museum has even been opened in tribute to the detective. A museum that I’m used to see every day because it is located in the district of Baker street (Near my work office)


A museum house on 3 floors open to the public to tell the story of Sherlock Holmes. A three-story house where the detectives lived in the 1900s, The decor has remained the same in order to discover their living environment,


Everything is there to believe the story with a specific decoration. We can discover the old room Sherlock homes and the office that he shared with Dr. Watson. In top of that, we can see a piece of the different surveys that they carried out during their career. A museum I myself made being a big fan of its history. To conclude, this museum allows us to immersed in the universe of Sherlock Holmes.

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