4 janvier 2018

Liverpool : More than a city

This semester in England also has a way for me to discover the country and at the same time visit cities like Liverpool where I had the opportunity to spend a weekend. This city located in the northwest of England, Liverpool is considered like a part of the economic and cultural history of England.


The city owes its important role thanks to his port. In the 19th, you should know that 40% of world trade went through Liverpool. However, the city has suffered from an industrial decline and which is difficult to recover today.

Liverpool is also a multicultural city, with many districts belong to unseco heritage. The city is also associated with football with the legendary club Liverpool with Anfield stadium known for its atmosphere and the passion of these fans. In top of that, Liverpool is known worldwide by the Beatles considered as one of the most famous groups of all time, a statue is even dedicated to them in the heart of the city.



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