4 janvier 2018

Astonishment report of England

As soon as I arrived in London, I understood that even if we stay on the European country yes it’s true, but many things would quickly change our little habits.The simple fact of leave Paris is a lot for each of us. But as a business school student, sometimes focus on working abroad one day. As we know a lot of things depending on the country and the culture, and everyone should learn a lot from it. When I arrived in a England, I felt happy, helpful people, it is there that we feel that mentalities can change a lot in few miles. Since my arrival in England, I can say I fell in love with London.

In addition you find the good mood everywhere people are happy and let it know, I had the chance to go for Christmas, and this is where we see that the passion, which isn’t the same you have only to see people who wear Christmas sweaters, In top of that each company organized a restaurant or an activity under the sign of the "Christmas party".

I’m also surprised about their way of working, in England legislations ar more flexible than in France,  people can work on Sundays or do more hours in the week according to the desire of each, the English aren’t blocked at a maximum of 35 hours a week, this quota can be largely exceeded. however the cost of properties are very expensive. Working in real estate I was particularly concerned by the exorbitant prices practiced by the owners.

Another point, Tolerance with ther possibility of wearing religious or ethnic signs without any problems. In top of that, concerning eating habits, yes it is true that the English appreciate a frost and love their famous English breakfast better, we can find good food in the supermarket contrary to the ideas received. The most surprised is more compared to their lunch and dinner hours, Here the English eat early.

To conclude this internship in England allowed me to discover a new country  and a new culture as well, an expérience very different of my quotidian life in Paris.

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