Resume of my discovery report

The discovery report helped me to ask to myself the good questions, and to deepen my obervation skills. I think it is important, in a different environment to take time to evaluate the environment in which you evolve and take the good and weak points of the situation to make this experience richer. 

I classified my different obervations within two ways: good and weaks points. 

To start with good points, I was impressed by the flair for commerce of Spanish people. They have something natural in their way of doing business which allows them to be appreciate by customers and grow their client base easily. Exchanges are warm and convivial, they don't stop themselves to a common welcome. Merchants connects with their customers, wants to know about their life, and sometimes become friends. I realized that humans’ relations exceeded the business dimension.

In France, exchanges are cordial and concentraded on services, but not go beyond the customer-merchant relation. This relation stays conventional and rapid. I don't know what the best way of proceeding is, but I think it depends of customers, some of them will be hurt by the coldness of French, and others will be annoyed by the extravagance of Spanish.

Regarding weak points, I noticed to things. The first one is how the hotel managers deal with employees. I speak about what I saw and what I lived, and I do not make a generality. I was interns for 5 months, housed by the hotel. I have to say that I was impressed by the number of interns in this hotel (almost half of the total employees), housed in bad living conditions, working hard and low paid. Even if it was not every day easy, I am happy to have seen this other part of professional environment, and I am grateful to French supervision of trainees.

In the same way, I noted that in the company, there is no place for personal wellbeing, There is no simple facilities for the personal like coffee machine, relax room, smokehouse or just a simple chair. People work hard, and I think it is a miss for employees to do not have installations for them in their own workplace. To require a good job from employee, it is important to think about their well being. Without pursue into extremes like in USA or sometimes in France with yoga course in the company or babyfoot, make a tea or coffee room with seats is essential. 

Finally, the second point concerning my missions. As a marketing trainee, I was surprised by their low budget for publicities and general marketing. In the hotel, there is no marketing department, just a community manager. Publicity are made by interns, with old versions software. I can definitely say that It miss of modernity and digital compared to other countries, like in France where the digital take a big place in companies to reach a wide public.

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