Resume of my 5 months internship

I realized my 5 months internship in Spain, in particular in Canary Islands at Lanzarote. I left France with objectives of this semester, the main was to consolidate my languages skills, in English and Spanish. I realized that it was my last opportunity to become bilingual before to enter in the professional life.

So, I decided to make a call to an agency to help me to find the best internship I never had! Finally, they found me an internship of 5 months in a hotel located in Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote, a famous touristic place there.

At the beginning, I was a little bit confused because, I never worked before in the tourism, and, well, I did not know about this sector. I accepted the job for one reason: it was the real opportunity to speak many languages and practice it in a short time.

I was not wrong! The title of my internship was “Management of Thalasso Center/Reception”, in other words, I made management missions, reception missions and marketing missions.

        Regarding the reception missions, my job was to welcome guests and give informations about facilities and inform myself about why are they coming in the spa. If guests came for using the Thalasso Center, I had to explain them our functioning, opening hours, price and to push sales selling vouchers of several entries. Finally, I gave them a health sheet to fill, and towel and cap for swimming pools.

If guests came for booking a treatment or massage, I had to make them seat and discuss with them to advise them the treatment the most suitable. I gave them the brochure of our thalasso and explained the different massages or treatments. My main goal was to understand the needs of customers and in the same time push the sales to increase the sales revenue.

        My missions of management included three important things:

  • Plan

Doing the timetable was a challenging task because, I had to choose the appropriate time, suitable for guests and masseurs, it was important to respect rules and do not leave spaces on the timetable between two massages because masseurs came for work and could not doing anything.

  • Organize

Respect the Thalasso procedure it is for to say; lighting on candles of cabins before massages, be sure that there is coffee, tea, sugar in the tea room and in the waiting room, put petals and lemons at 12pm in both swimming pools, ask for products when it doesn't have anymore (incense, candles, coffee…). Receiving new packages and identify them, finally, check mails and respond to customers’ demands, for instance, to make them a gift voucher for birthday.

  • Monitor

I had to take the temperature of swimming pools every day at the same hours (10am, 1pm, 17pm) and make sure it was appropriate for each one. Also, make sure the safety rules were respected and everybody wore the cap and had flipflops for swimming pools. What it was important was to send an e-mail when a facility did not work to fix it quickly and do not loose guests for this reason. I listened the customers complains and tried to solve them as soon as possible to avoid projecting a negative image of the Center.

          About my marketing missions, I was in charge of all the Thalasso’s communication. I started my internship with a market survey on three countries: France, England and Germany. Besides, I also redid all of the pricelists brochures of the Thalasso for something more in adequacy with the new image that we wanted to give to the center; urban and chic. I realized advertising to display in different strategic places of the hotel such as lifts, reception, room.To give a new modern image to the Thalasso, I made a new communication strategy exposed point by point in a power point that I submitted to my manager who was grateful of my invest.

I can definitely say that this experience brought me some professional and personal benefits. Regarding the professional benefits, I learnt about management skills, such as the administration and coordination. Taking decisions when a problem came to solve it quickly. I learnt to organize myself and the others, to be open minded and think about the rest of the team. Technical skills also such as using excel and photoshop. 

About personal benefits, this experience abroad allowed me to know a little bit more about my capacity of adaptation in a different environment, and at the professional level, new skills like organization, management and the sense of business. I learnt to be more confident in myself, be independent and autonomous to face to problems, alone.

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