My four days off to visit the island #week18

This week end, a friend who come from France came to visit me during four days so, I ddcided to ask for 4 days off to enjoy with him ! We were lucky because we rent a car whereas here, it is very difficult to rent a car when you don´t have 23 years old or the driving licence for more than 3 years. 

I already visited one part of the island before in particular the ouestcoast, so it was an opportunity to visit the other part, more natural and less touristic. 

First, we followed the coast to El Golfo, a beautiful landscape with a beathtaking view on the sea. El Golfo is a little fishingnear the National Park of Timanfaya. From the top, we can admirate waves rise up ! It is fantastic 

Then, we went direction Santa to admirate a landscape similar to the precedent. It is a place for surf, and many others sports. There are small harourswith small fishing boats. 

We continued to drive on the perfect road between volcanoes and lava, it was amazing. 

For the first time, we stopped us at Playa Honda to discover the beach and take the sun. The beach is located just next to the airprort, from there we can see the departure and arrivals of planes. One of the thing I liked the most is the serenity and the atmosphere in this island. There is calm and sunny, I like so much. 

I am glad to have visited all the island, I discovered some pleasant place that I would like to see another time maybe. 

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