What about my marketing missions #week17

Besides my management missions, I have also marketing mission in the Thalasso Center. 

During the first weeks of my internship, I had to make a market survey to be aware of the treatments and massages practiced in foreign SPA, such as England, France and Germany. 
It was really interesting to know about the different methods and treatments used in these different spa.
The main goal for us was to adapt our offre to our best customers who come from these countries and to develop our services by inspiring ourselves of them. 

I remade all the pricelists of the center, such as the hairdresser and the esthetic services (manicure, pedicure, waxing) ecause thez were old and not adapted to the new vision of the spa, a modern and urban vision.

I make promotions for massages, couple treatments, or hairdresser to invite people to come into the spa and visit us. I try to be inventive, creative and understood. The most important for us is to catch the attention of tourists and be clear. 

Sometimes, I distribute my own publicity, flyers, in the hotel, it allows me to speak with client and represent the Thalasso center. I like this proximity with guests. 

Finally, with the help of my manager, we try to adapt our offre, changing prices. We discuss about what could be higher and what can be less expensive. What is it important is to win customers and do not loose them !

Sometimes, for event, I prepare advertising (mother s day for example)  

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