Mirador Del Rio #week13

The Mirador Del Rio is located in the North of the island, and represents the most beautiful view of the island. It is an art work at the top of a cliff. Fom here, we can admirate three islets; the archipelago of Chinijo with La Graciosa the bigger island of this archipelago. 

The building was created by the most famous architect of the island; Edouard Manrique borned in the island, using volcanic stones. We paid 6€ the entry per person to enjoy of the view. Here all of the touristic area are profitable. 

In the building, there is a snack in which we can enjoy of the landscape, with a panorama view. This area is very pleasant, and more when the sun takes place. I took place to drink a coffee and ate an apple cake with my family who came for few days in Lanzarote. It was a really good moment with an amazing view. After, we took pictures, in front of the Graciosa island to make some memories. We also made a tour in the memories shop which is great. 

This represents a natural place with a touch of art, overhanged the sea at 475m.

I was proud to visit this famous site of Lanzarote and I give all the images in my head. I hope come back soon !

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