Cueva de los verdes #week12

This week end, I chose to visit the site ´Cueva de los verdes´ in the north or Lanzarote. This represents a volcanic tube, formed by the eruption of the Corona Volcano (about 6km), that ends in the sea for 3000 to 5000 years. 

We were approximately fifty persons in the visit with a guide. We started to walk underground, in the dark, positioned behind one another. The way (1km) was close and sometimes we needed to crouch and paid attention to our head because of the closed rock. Every 15mins walking, the guide stoped and explained us the cave history. 

The cave temperature is approximately 19 degrees, and one part is not available because of the respiratory failure. 

At the end oh the visit, a surprise waits the guests. Whereas the guide brought us in front of a big gap, everybody is afraid and hesitate to approach the gap, the guide took a stone and launch it into the gap ! What happened ? Water spashed us !! Indeed, it was the reflect of the ceiling which made us thinking that it was a big gap, what a suprise !

Finally, we walked for few kilometres and joined outside. 

I liked so much this visit, it  was like an expedition, but the only problem for tourists is that the explications about the area is just in english and spanish or sometimes in deutch but never in french. And sometimes it is hard to understand technical words whereas the site is very interesting. I miss some informations important to understand what was happened. 

Often, when I come back of my visits, I read the brochure and take time to translate vocabulary and understand what I missed. 

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