What these few weeks taught me – Part 2 #week11

Besides the language competences, I learnt a lot about the company management. Every day, I have to managing, organizing and planifying. 
We welcome a large number of tourists every day, I have to be sure that every things in the spa is perfect. When I arrive in the morning, I start the day with so many things to do before the tourists entrance. Open the  cash register, take the water temperature to be sure it is normal, turn on the cabins of massages, have a look on the timetable of the day…
During the day, I have to check several times the temperature, the tea room, the gym room, changing room…


I need to be well organized. When I welcome tourists, I ask them if they want to use the spa and I explain them the facilities.  
also, when they want a treatment or massages, I explain them the most suitable for them, and I organize the planing of the masseurs. 


Every day I have to make the timetable of the masseurs. I have to be sure they do not work a lot (more than 8 hours per day) and not less than the others also. The main aim is to equalize.

Sometimes, there is not lot of guests who come to visit us, but I have to sell massages or treatments as much as possible to exercise make the masseurs work. 

To conclude, it is a job very interesting thank to the management role that I have never had the opportunity to discover before. It gives me real responsabilities and help me to develop manager skills for the future. 

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