My arrival to Lanzarote in Canary Islands #week1

I arrived at Lanzarote, one of the four canary islands the 6th of January 2018. Before my departure, I was a little bit worried because I didn't know really where I went, my future life conditions and my internship. I tried to find reviews on forums but they were not good about the personal living conditions. 

I decided to go in Lanzarote to do an internship like Business Manager/Reception during 5 month at the H10 Rubicon Palace (5 stars hotel). 

My travel was good, I had 4 hours plane, and after I took a bus and then a taxi to join the hotel. I presented myself to the reception, and they gave me an envelope with all informations to get my NIE and NASS, but also my key room, agreement and rules. 

I discovered my room, shared with three others roommates, very precarious. I decided to concentrate myself on my future job and don't think about my living conditions. 

During few days before the beginning of my internship, I have to open a bank account, get my NIE number and NASS number, and also go to see human resources. I was a little bit worried about all these administratives informations to do alone. I also enjoyed of the warm weather, which is appreciable in January. I walked at the waterfront and relax. 

I met french colleague and I was happy to know that they were present if I need anything. My roomates were dutch, but we spoke english all the time. 

I can't wait to discover my future colleagues, managers and my work place, in the spa/thalasso of the hotel ! 

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