Expatriation summary

What about my expatriation? 


As part of my third year at the Ipag Business School in Paris, I have to do a year abroad. I chose to do semester 5 in the UK and especially in the city of Liverpool at John Moores University.

The choice between all the universities offered by Ipag was relatively simple. As far as I'm concerned, my project was established from the beginning of my arrival at Ipag and the United Kingdom immediately became obvious to me.

Thanks to a few stays in the United Kingdom, including London, Shrewsbury, Chester and Manchester, it was inevitable for me to discover the city of Liverpool, the second largest city in England.

The United Kingdom holds a cultural heritage of remarkable richness and variety. Thus, poetry, theater, painting, cinema, are qualities of masterpieces accumulated over the centuries and recognized around the world.

English is today the most used language in the world (communication, diplomacy, commerce, Internet). The British have a high regard for their country, which pushes them to stand out from other Europeans (one of many examples, refusal to let the pound to adopt the euro).

My departure was organized with two other comrades from Ipag Paris and Nice. All three of us contacted to organize on the steps to take before being on site (housing registration, courses …).

Once there, knowing that in case of problems (depression, anxiety, non-integration) we would be present for each other, we were very close but we let each live our expatriation regardless each other to be fully immersed, with other Erasmus students or local, foreigners.

The Liverpool's culture turn around three things; the sport (with Liverpool FC and Everton), the music (the Beatles) and finally, the culture (lot of architecture). It is called a multi-cultural city. Many of its districts have the statue of heritage mundial. 

In Liverpool, the culture in omnipresent. When you go to a bar, there is automatically a singer with its guitare playing old music of the Beatles. When you walk in the city, you are amazed by the historic architecture. When you go out during a match night, there is a festive atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else.

To conclude, Liverpool is a lovely city where I enjoyed my time. I travelled around it, I met fabulous people, I enrich my knowledge in particular my language. I took confidence in myself, and I am feeling more confident for my internship the next semester in Canary Island.

I would sincerely like to thank IPAG business School to gave me the opportunity to live a wonderful experience abroad, I also thank Erasmus Organization to gave us funds necessary to realize this experience. I also thank all the University staff who have been very friendly with us.

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