Chosen Courses summary

What about my courses in John Moores University ?


During the first semester, I decided to follow three modules as part of the business program. I chose the following courses:

Business environment

This course was organized with one-hour lecture, one-hour workshop and two hours seminar. Lectures spoke about different subjects in relation with business such as supply and demand, negotiation, management process, organizing a business, accounting, and investments.

During the seminars, we were in IT room with computers to follow the course online and use excel with dashboards. We had a case duty with financial information and we had to answer questions with computations.

We had 4 hours of course per week, on the Tuesday. We had also, one individual written report (1500 words) to return in the middle of the semester on TASKERS PLC, an English company. It accounted for 60% of the final mark. It was about the organization of the company, and we had to provide diagrams to explain the management of the company.

We had also to prepare a final presentation with a group of students chose by the teacher. We were five, and we had to work on differents companies. Mine was Home Bargains, an english company. We had to speak about factors of production, supply and demand, customers service, Corporate social responsability, and presentation about the brand. It accounted for 40% of the total mark. 

I had to say that, I liked this course a lot because this is what I would like you to do in the future, but it was exactly the same course than in Introduction to Organization that we had in second year at IPAG business school. I did not learn so much new things about the subject, but I learnt more about language, and it was my main goal.

Contemporary issues in Business & Society

This course appeared like an opening course because of its general learning. All subjects such as government, corporation, corporate social responsibility, ethical decision making, business and government relation, sustainable development, and PR and crisis management where approached.

We had four hours courses per week divided on several days. During the lectures in amphitheatre, we followed the course on the power point explained by the teacher. During the seminars, there were interactions where students had to give their own opinion and defend it.

Our assessment was separated by two written reports in a case duty given by the teacher. During four weeks, we had to make research to realize a report of 2 500 words. The first one was about “After Rana Plaza”, the famous collapse which took place in Bangladesh and the second one was about “Toys and Mattel Safety” on the lead paint scandal.

This course was my favourite course, because we had approached social case duties very interesting and actual. My researches in journal articles, books, and internet allowed me to build a strong and rich report.

Communicating the brand

This course was about marketing and the brands. During all the semester we studied different models used in marketing to positioning a band. We had lectures in which the teacher explained us the power point with the models. All the courses helped us to build the final individual written report to return on the December 8th.

The final report was about two brands of our choice that we had to compared between them and analyse them.

During the seminars, we had to work on our case and used models seen in course. We could ask questions to our teacher and discuss with others students.

This course was this I liked the less because I don’t like so much the marketing. But I had to recognize that It brought me a lot in terms of brand knowledges, and marketing tools. 

I was happy with the courses that I chose even if I didn't like some subjects aproached. They helped me a lot with business language and it is a good thing for my future internship during the next semester ! 

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