Things that have missed me during my travel

Adapt to a new country, new culture and traditions can become quickly difficult. 
I remember, at the beginning of my trip, I was so happy to be in a new city and to discover all about it so I didn't think about my french habits. But, few weeks later, when the euphoria comes down, some things begins to missed you. 
For instance, the french food which is at my eyes, the best one. English food is very different than in France. In supermarcket you can't find all the products than we have in France. The french cheese, meats, but also, wine , bread and baking. 

Others things are difficult to adapt, as the adapter, right hand driver, english law very strict. 

It is very intesreting to see that United Kingdom makes part of the developed countries, in the mondialisation but have a very different lifestyle and products than France which is very near. Is it just a desire to make differently or just a knowledge failure? 

Also, the Livre sterling £ is more expensive than the euro €. You can't help to think about the convertion when you do a purchase. It is a little bit frustrating… 

Despite these little things that can become irritating everyday life. 

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