How do I feel a week prior to the departure ?

Today we are the December 11th, one week before my departure, the December 18th. I have to say that I am very sad to leave this place. I have so many things to say, so many memories here. I am sad to leave my friendly roomates, my room, my university and friends. 

This opportunity to live abroad was incredible. I think I had evolve with this expatriation. I will come back to France more independant, more qualified in English and with more knowledge. 

When I think to my time here, I have no regrets, and I had do all the things I had to do before to go in Liverpool. 

My trip in Ireland is one of my favourite memories, I enjoyed my time with my friends, discover Dublin, a wonderful city, taste traditional meals and did so many activities. 

The meeting with my others flatmmates is also a good memory. We have been so close knit, we have made lot of things together as visits, night party, fun ! I hope see them very soon after my departure. 

Share an accomodation with unknow persons is a very good experience for learn about you, I think. This is not easy every day, but when you are lucky to have roommates like I had, you can just enjoyed your time. 

A week prior my eparture, I start to think about my luggage, and all memories that I will come back with me. 

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