What should you bring in your bag to go to Liverpool ?

Liverpool is a cold city. The temperature is around 10° all the year and in the winter, the temperature turn around 0° and 5°. At the time which I write this article, we are the December, 8th and it's snowing ! 

Before my departure, I searched informations about the weather, and the temperature to be informed of what I will put in my luggage. After checking, I chose to bring sweat, pull, pants and a good coat with gloves and scarf ! I don't regret my choice !
Despite the sun which is present very often, it is very cold. And if you would like to visit Ireland, or the north of England, it is good to have warm clothes. 

However, you have to bring others things than your clothes, sure! 
Firstly, if you come for university, you have to think about all the stuffs that you need for work, as a laptop, paper, pen, books etc… 
Then, it is important to bring with you some memories of your family, friends to feel at home in your bedroom. Sometimes, you will be homesick, and so, it is important to have something that will think you at your home. 

Now, it is important to know that the accomodation doesn't provide you bed sheets, kitchen tools, bath towels etc.. so you have to bring with you or buy on stores located in Liverpool. 
Don't take stuffs like shower gel, shampoo, foods that you can buy for cheap here 

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