Travel to Ireland

Raphel (another Ipag student), a friend met at the university and I decided to travel to ireland because of the cheapest plane tickets.We flight to Dublin the Novenber 6th to the November 9th. We booked an hotel, the Kinlay house located in the centre of the city, not far away the Temple bar. It was our first time in Ireland and we enjoyed our time so much !!! 

The first day of our arrival, we directly went to our hotel to leave our luggages. After we walked on the centre to find a lovely place to eat before make a tour in the city. After lunch, we visited the Phoenix Park, very huge park and so peaceful place. 

After that, we have booked a visit in Guiness Store, so we walked to the factory to discover the backstages of the Guinness creation. A tasting was free, so we participated to learn how drink a Guinness ! At the end of the visit, we went to the rooftop of the factory to taste another beer free. The visit was a little bit expansive but very interesting and represents a inescapable place. 

The second day, we decided at the morning to go to Gwendalou thanks to an advertising seen in the Dublin airport ! It is a national park located at 150km of Dublin. We took the bus and we walked during 4 hours in the park with a map. I was very pleasant and amazing but it was a wet weather. 

Finally, the last day we walked on the other side of Dublin before to leave. 

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