The nightlife in Liverpool

The nightlife in Liverpool is very fun. All the city is devoted to student, so there are lot of student discounts in shops, bars, restaurants, cinema with the student card. The city is attractive, there are so many bars, club, restaurants, everything to enjoy your day and sure, your night. Students have 12hours of course per week, and often have the friday or the monday off. Me, I had the friday off so I enjoyed a very long week end. There is a district in the city which sheltered all the night clubs and where we went the saturday night. There were so many student; it was very fun and very cheap for the enter or the drinks.

Also, in our accomodation we often organized diners with our neighbours, there was a good atmosphere, very friendly with people who came from worlwide.   

One of my favourite place was the Mc Cooley's. This place is also pleasant the day to have a drink watching a match of Liverpool than the night to party ! The area is entirely furnished in wooden with a very english atmoshpere. 

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