Albert Dock

Albert Dock is one of my favourite place in Liverpool. It sheltered many attractions as the Beatles story museum, Tate contemporary art museum, Magical history tour, Merseyside Mritime Musum. We can lso find many rstauants and bars in front of the sea, especially the Pump House, a very good adress for eat or have a drink, hotels and galleries.

Often, we decided, me and my roommates to walk on the Docks for the day, or the night to enjoyed of the sea.

Albert Dock created by Jesse hartley and Philip Hardwick in 1839. This Dock has been created in order to have a new harbour to realize exchanges between England and the world. Why Liverpool? Because this city is the nearest of the USA. The port is one of the main centers of the industrial revolution. The Albert dock is one of Liverpool's most visited tourist attractions. It has been registered as the World heritage list by UNESCO. It welcomes around 5 million visitors a year.

I visited the Beatles story museum located on it. I have to say that this museum is fabulous and very attractive.It decribes the Beates story in completeness, since their beginning to their death. I also visited the Maritime Museum, not far away of th Beatles museum. This museum is very huge, stretch in 3 floors. I visited the exposition of the Titanic and the Lusitania. 

The Museum of Liverpool is also located in Albert Dock, it describes all the Liverpool's history. 


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