6 juin 2018


A Brazilian film : Cidade de Deus

A very famous Brazilian film is “City of God” (“Cidade de Deus” in Portuguese) that I watched two days ago. Many people told me to watch it because it was a very good film and also a part of the Brazilian culture.

This movie set into a famous Brazilian slum of Rio de Janeiro named “Cidade de Deus”. It released in 2002 directed by Fernando Meirelles, was inspired from a book of Paulo Lins written in 1997 but the plot is based on real events and a true story. Most of the actors of this movie are from the favelas Vidigal and Cidade de Deus itself. This film tells the story and the growth of organized crime in the suburb of Rio at the end of the 60’s.

The story is a throwback to the 1960’s where we follow the life of Rocket, a young boy that lives in the City of God. At this time, the favela is a newly housing project with limited access to electricity and running water. The main characters are young and admire a group of older boys called the “Tender Trio”, one of them is the brother of Rocket. They are respected by everyone in the slum, but after a failed hold up in a motel, the trio exploded. In the 1970’s, the slum is now an urban jungle where the young boys that admired the “Tender trio” in the past become the leaders of the trafficking of drugs in the City of God. But an important war broke out and Rocket is hired to be photograph reporter of this war.

I enjoyed this movie that shows the reality in the slums in Brazil and the different characters that are likeable.

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