5 juin 2018


The difficulties that I met during my stay in Brazil

One of the main difficulties was the timetable. We could not choose our timetable. For example, on Monday I start at 2 pm and I finish at 10:30 pm. Tuesday is a normal day, I start at 10 am and I finish at 5:40 pm, Wednesday I start at 2 pm but I finish at 8:30 pm. And Thursday I just have one class from 10:10 am to 11:50 am. Finishing the class so late every Monday is not easy, but starting the day at 2 pm is also not that easy. Working every afternoon when it’s sunny is quite frustrated. But after one month I got used to it. Another difficulty is that our professors speak English but they are Brazilian so English is not their first language. Some of them have a very good English but some of them have a very basic English so it was not easy to communicate and understand everything. Having class in English was not a problem because after my first semester un Fiji my English got better and my teachers in UDESC use a simple English. The only problem in this area was maybe the Brazilian accent of some of my teacher. But I got used to it after several classes. Thanks to the classes in English and the other students who are from different countries, I improved my English during this semester. A problem was to learn Portuguese because I am already learning English and Italian so it is hard and confusing to learn a third language. Most of the time people here in Brazil don’t speak English whether in the shops, supermarkets or even the pharmacies. During the first weeks I felt frustrated to not be able to communicate in the everyday life. Lastly, the immigration process in Brazil for the foreigners is laborious. It is obligatory for the French citizens who stay temporally or live in Brazil to register with the federal police 30 days after the arrival in the country to obtain a “RNE” (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros). To get an appointment, it’s important to be connected at noon on the official website and be very fast to catch a day and a schedule. I got an appointment at the beginning of April after many attempts. To go to the federal police I had to bring many papers, 2 pictures of me and the proof that I paid the tax of 204,77 reais at the bank. After this appointment, I needed to wait 60 days to get my resident permit which I need to leave the country.

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