4 juin 2018


Top 10 of the Brazilian food!

Here is the most famous food that you can find everywhere in Brazil! The food is a mix of many countries so very diversified, Brazilian food has something for everyone. In this article I present the classical Brazilian snacks of this big country.

  1. Pastel

Probably the most famous snack of the Brazilian street food. It’s a deep-fried pastry, crispy and served hot. Pasteis are served with drinks as a starter or just for an aperitif. It can be stuffed with a lot of things : vegetables, meat, cheese, ham, eggs…It also exists some sweet versions with chocolate or caramel.


  1. Coxinha

This deep-fried snack comes from Sao Paulo. This is a crunchy croquettes stuffed with potato, shredded chicken and catipury (soft cheese). Like the pao de queijo, it’s a popular snack sold everywhere and eaten in every opportunity throughout the day.


  1. Pao de queijo

These little cheese breads soft and tasty look like a ball and come from the southern region of Minas Gerais. Once again, the recipe is simple: cassava flour (which is tapioca), flour and cheese. Brazilian people love eat some with their coffee in every moment of the day.

pao de queijo

  1. Picanha

The Barbecue is a part of the Brazilian culture, in every occasions. Churrascarias are restaurants all over Brazil specialized in barbecue, where you can eat different grilled meats.


  1. Bacalhau bites

It’s just a little fish snack selling everywhere. The recipe is very simple, cod, potato and fried to make it crispy outside and soft inside. This snack has Portuguese’s influence because bacalhau is typical Portuguese and is present in many recipe there.

bacalhau bites

  1. Feijoada

We can considerate this dish as the national Brazilian meal. It’s a very simple meal composed of black beans, sauce and many pieces of pork. Its always served with white rice. Feijoada is eating in every family, every restaurant (sometimes restyled), even in our canteen in UDESC, we always have feijoada. Another version exists, lighter, like a bean soup without the rice and the meat.


  1. Brigadieros 

This is a popular sweet dessert, a sort of chocolate truffle. It’s easy to find, even on the beach! It takes its name from a famous political man named Brigadier Eduardo Gomes. The brigadieros are made with simple ingredients like condensed cocoa powder…


      8. Tapioca

Tapioca are like the Brazilian crepes. It’s made with the manioc root, which is dried. The taste is neutral that’s why tapioca can be eaten savoury or sweet. It’s also one of the most famous street food snack.


      9. Acai

It’s a little fruit eaten in frozen purée or in juice whose Brazilian love. Most of the time it’s livened up with fresh fruits, granola, peanuts, condensed milk… It’s refreshing and tasty!


     10. Cassava chips

The cassava (also called manioc, aipim, yuca)  is a vegetable that grown all around the country. It’s used in many dish, it’s one of the most used ingredients. Cut into batons, it’s sold all around
Brazil as an alternative of the basic potato chips.

cassava chips


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