27 mai 2018


Synthesis of my chosen courses

I had to choose five courses among seven different courses offered in ESAG. Each course gives me four local credits which equates to six ECTS credits, so I have in total thirty ECTS credits for the semester. I have each class two times a week and a class runs for one hour and forty minutes. UDESC offers courses in English and in Portuguese but all m courses are in English taking my poor Portuguese level into account.

My first class is the “Management Information System” (MIS). The aim of this course it to manage the basic concepts of IT, to differentiate among the major types of corporate IS, to know how to use the BPM (Business Process Modeling and notation) and read and build a BPD (Business Process Diagrams), to acquire an overall notion of corporate ICT management and governance. This class is probably the one that I like least because it is very theorical and abstract for me so I’m not particularly interested in this subject.

My second class is “Scenarios in Business Logistics”. This class is about the basics concepts of business logistics, supply chain management, the distribution channels, the warehouse management and the transports systems. The goal of this course what is the logistic and how it works in all fields of business activities. The course provides the operational tools of storage, distribution, transports. I like this course which I find very interesting and practical.

My third class is “Strategic Marketing Management and Creativity”. The objective of this class is to understand how does the marketing work in all fields of business activities and how to use these concepts to create value in organizations. Another objective of this class is to be able to use and develop strategic marketing to maximize firm performance. I quite like marketing, but this course is a little bit to abstract maybe for me.

My fourth class is called “Operational Research” which is a class in which we learn how to use excel to make decisions. This class is about math programming and modelling, linear programming. All the classes are in the lab because we have to do some exercises on excel. Outside class hours, we have to play a simulation game in teams.  I enjoy this class and we already did some of the exercises at IPAG BS.

My fifth and last class is “International Business” which is probably my favourite class with my favourite teacher. The aim of this course is to present an overview of global economy focusing on the dynamics of trade and investment, including its effects on the development of nations and the performance of organizations especially the Brazilian companies. This class is interesting and dynamic thanks to our teacher who loves teaching and be a professor.

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