26 mai 2018


Iguazu trip !

The Iguazu falls are famous all around the world. There are located in the middle of the tropical forest on two countries: Brazil (20% of the falls) and Argentina (80% of the falls). It’s the largest waterfall in the world! It’s a natural wonder enrolled on UNESCO’s World Heritage.

iguassu_falls map

We were 52 exchange students to go there for a week-end, we left a Thursday evening and came back a Monday afternoon. One of these exchange students organized everything, the bus, the hostel, the schedule of the week end.

Iguazu by plane is quite expensive, so we decided to use a bus company to get there. We paid less than 40 euros to go and back by bus which is very cheap! The travel to get to Iguazu (Brazilian side) is around 16 hours, we spent almost 20 hours because of custom issues to cross the border. The travel in the bus was quite long but also fun because we were all together, excited to go to Iguazu, and the bus was comfortable. Friday in the morning we arrived at lunch time to the Brazilian side, had the lunch and visited the bird park which is amazing with many breeds of birds. After that we visited the Brazilian side, it was stunning! This side allows you to have a great overview of the falls. Then we crossed the border to go to our hostel located in Argentina. We had the dinner in town and we went to bed. The day after, at 9 am we left the hostel to visit the Argentinian side which takes the full day. It was of course amazing! The following day we went to a vantage point where you can see the borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil! After that we took the bus to go in town and have the lunch.

In the afternoon we left Iguazu to go back to Florianopolis. Because of several problems, it took us 26 hours of travel to go back to home. It was really long and we were happy to be at home after the long hours of travel. Except the return, it was a very good week-end with a lot of memories.

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