18 mai 2018


The life in the Sunhouse

Before my departure in Brazil, I talked with students of IPAG BS that did their year abroad in Florianopolis. One girl advised me and the two other girls from IPAG to go to the “Sunhouse Backpackers” which is a hostel during the holidays and a private house for exchanges students during the year. We contacted the owner on the hostel’s website and booked our rooms for the semester. We had to pay one month in advance via PayPal. The rent each month is 1000 reais (between 230 and 250 euros, depends of the exchange rates) which includes the cleaning of the house two times a week, the Wi-Fi, the access to the common laundry. I have one of the most expensive bedroom of the house because it’s a big bedroom with a private bathroom and the air conditioning.

The house is located in Lagoa da Conceiçao, near the supermarkets, the pharmacies and the restaurants. I share this house with 9 people from different nationalities like Spain, Honduras, Portugal, England, France, Colombia. It’s a nice mix, I enjoy living with people from different countries, it’s enriching. Everybody has his own bedroom (so 10 bedrooms in total in the house), but some bathrooms are shared between two to four people. We share the living room, the kitchen and the garden. Concerning the kitchen, we all have a shelf to stock the food (pasta, cornflakes, eggs, bread…) and another shelf in one of the two refrigerators of the kitchen. A few days after we arrived, Gabriel our owner who lives the house in front of ours did a little meeting to explain us the rules of the house. One of them is of course to clean our dishes after eating, but also we are not allowed to invite people after 10 pm, and if we have an invited at home for a few days we have to inform the other flatmates.

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