18 mai 2018


The immigration process

The visa process is quite easy to do before the departure. When I came back from Fiji in the middle of December, I tried to get an appointment at the Brazilian embassy, but the period December-February matches with the summer holidays in Brazil. In the normal course, the period to get an appointment is around 2/3 weeks, between December and February it’s 2 months. My flight to Florianopolis was the 18th of February and the only appointment that I got was the 13th of February knowing that it takes two weeks after that to get the visa on the passport.  I called on a company specialized in visas. I just had to give them all the documents required and they went for me to the embassy. In only two weeks I got my visa for Brazil. The visa costs 100 euros and the agency 80 euros. I couldn’t going to Brazil in February if I didn’t called them to help me in this process.

The second part of this immigration process is directly in Brazil. Thirty days maximum after the arrival, the French citizens have to get an appointment at the Federal Police. To get this appointment, it’s important to be connected from Monday to Friday on the official website at exactly 12:00. I tried during one month and half, finally at the beginning of April I got it ! The week after I went to the Federal Police with all the documents required and the proof that I went to the bank to pay the tax of 207 reais (around 50 reais). Only twenty minutes after, the appointment was over, I had to come back 60 days after to get my resident permit. Actually after only 35 days I received an email to say that my card was already finished. It’s very important to do this before to leave Brazil. Getting an appointment is more or less difficult according to the states, in Santa Catarina it’s only at noon, but in the others it can be more easier.

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