30 décembre 2017


Summary of my 16 weeks in Fiji

Below is a summary of my mission report.

The Republic of Fiji is in Oceania in the South Pacific, around 16 000 kiIometers from France. It’s a group of around 300 islands, 110 of them are permanently inhabited. The main one is Viti Levu where I was and where most of the Fijians live (about three quarters of the Fijians people). Suva the capital of the Fiji Islands is located on this island. The other main island is Vanua Levu. On these two-main island, the people live on the coasts, the middle of the islands is sparsely uninhabited due to the drought and the mountains.



For 25 years, Projects abroad is the world’s leading international volunteering organisation. The headquarters is located in the UK but Projects Abroad has offices in more than 50 countries around the world. Since 1992, this private organisation helped around 100 000 people in the world.

In each country where Projects Abroad has an office where there is a country director, a project manager and different coordinators for each program.

I had a Fijian coordinator, he had to come every week to my placement (to my primary school) to check if all was going well. He was the person that I had to talk if I had any problem or any question. We did three feed-backs during my stay, one during my first week, another one two weeks after and finally one during my last week.  Another good point are the workshops (two times a month), the social (one time a month) and the community days (one time a month) with all the volunteers and the staff members.

Finally, in my opinion the only negative point is without doubt the price of the mission. We paid around 300 euros for one week, so around 4800 euros in total for the sixteen weeks. Are included the accomodation, the food, the insurance and the daily transports. To this price I had to add the cost of the airline ticket and the visa.

The following table shows the main expenses during my stay in Fiji.

Type of expenditure

Amount for one month

For the sixteen weeks

Volunteering mission


4450 euros

Pre-care medecine


300 euros



295 euros

Airline ticket


1600 euros

Phone (sms + internet)

11 euros

44 euros


11 euros

44 euros


15 euros

60 euros

Week-ends (travel, restaurant, culture…)

300 euros

1200 euros


337 euros

7993 euros

During my 16 weeks in Fiji, I did the Teaching project in two different placements. I did 13 weeks of teaching at the Central primary school in Lautoka and 3 weeks in Dratabu villag in Nadi for the « Summer School ». It was two different experiences, I really enjoyed both but particularly the second one in the village. My function was to be a teaching assistant for the teacher of the class where I was assigned. Trough activities and games my mission was to improve the english in my class but also increase the numeracy.

The firt difficulty I met was to explain in englis the lessons and espacially the numeracy part. I’m not a teacher and the English language isn’t my mother tongue. Another difficulty was sometimes the discipline and the authority with my class 2.  A class is composed between 35 and 45 children. I had 37 children of 7 years old in mine.

Regarding to the results obtained, the first one is undoubtedly my english that is really better now. During almost all my stay in Fiji, I spoke only english. Thanks to this mission abroad, I realize that I’m able to live alone, by myself  and far from France. I took the right decisions when it was necessary.

The first achievement that I would like to highlight is my level of English after these four months in Fiji. One of the goal of this year abroad is to improve our level in English in view of the current labour market that requires to everybody to have a fluent English. Another professional and technical achievements is my capacity to conduct a project over a given period. Working with colleagues on a project is also an achievement. I had to deal with them and sometimes find compromises and move issues ahead in the interests of the children.

Finally, I realize that I am lucky to live in France, to go to school and do studies and to have enough money to have a decent life. Before to go to Fiji, I sometimes forgot these points but now I will keep all that in my mind forever.


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