17 octobre 2017
vue lautoka


My host family in Lautoka

During four months, I’m living with a host family. It is an Indian family, we are in total 9 people in this house : me, my roommate, Nitika the mother, her husband, the two young children, the grand-parents and the uncle. Living with eight other people in a little house isn’t easy. There is always a lot of noise, espacially because of the two young children who are 2 years old and 5 years old. It’s sometimes hard to find a room to have some peace !

Living in an Indian family means eat special food. We eat rice every day for the dinner, in general with vegetables and curry. The Indian food is quite spicy, but Nitika take care to ensure that the food is not too spicy for us. In general for the lunch at the school we have a roti (mix of flour and warm water, a sort of crepe) with vegetables and a fruit. The food is fresh and quite good but after one month I really get tired of the food.

Usually we eat the dinner around 8 pm, but always my roommate and me, never with the family, actually I don’t really know why. But nobody eats at the same moment, Nitika eats after us, the grand parents after her.

I share my bedroom with an other volunteer from Netherlands, she stays also for 4 months like me. Our bedroom is small for two people, around 8 square meters. There is only one bathroom and one toilet that we share with all the family. In terms of comfort it is really different that we used at home, so I needed of a period of adaptation at the start. Even now after almost two months, not have much comfort is hard.

The family is nice but I can’t call them a real « host family ». It is obvious that they are a host family for the money first and no because they like welcome some strangers like me. I expected to be in a host family that include me in the family. It’s a negative point and I was desappointed about that.


We live in Lautoka, the second biggest city in Fiji. It’s one hour from Nadi where the airport is and also the Projects’s Abroad office. Lautoka is famous for the market, the bigger one in Fiji.


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Our house is a  little bit far from the center of Lautoka, around 25 minutes by walk. Over there we can find supermarkets, coffees, shops, a cinema, the bus station and even a mall !bus station



The city is quite small, and there is not a lot of things to do. There is one beach but we have to take a bus for 20 minutes to go there and actually it’s not a beautiful beach. So the activities during the week end are rather limited. If we are in Lautoka for the week end we go to a resort where we can use the swimming pool or to the mall to have a nice coffee or a fresh drink.

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