12 octobre 2017
Class 2 Blue


My first day at the primary school

I am at the Central Primary school in Lautoka, there are more than 600 children in this school, from the kindergarden to the high school. This school is near to the center of the town.

photo exterieur

My volunteer advisor picked me up at 8:30 at my host family’s home to go to the school, he showed me the bus station and the way to go to the school by walk.

When I arrived, I met the Head Teacher, Mr. Ram wich is introduced me to my class. I was really nervous but also impatient to discover my class and the children !

The school year is divided in three parts that they call « Term », I am staying for the last term from august to november, around 14 weeks of school.

I am in the class 5, the children are between 10 and 12 years old. There are 41 in this class wich is not a lot compared to others class where the children are 50. They get used to have volunteers in their class. They were so happy when the Head Teacher told them that I am in their class for all the term.

Class 5

After that, the teacher gave me a chair and a desk, and I observed the class and how the teacher worked with them. This first day was really tiring, there are a lot of children, they make a lot of noise everytime and the teacher speaks really loudly during the whole day.

All the children have to wear a uniform. The girls have a green dress with sleeves, their shoulders and knees have to be covered, and they have to tie their hairs back. As for the boys, they wear a white short-sleeved shirt and a brown bermuda short.

As for me, I don't wear a uniform but I have to wear a trouser or a long skirt (my knees need to be covered) and a t-shirt with sleeves.

This school is an Indian school but welcomes the children indians and fijians. Every morning, there is a prayer in indian but the courses are in english.

After three weeks with the class 5, I asked to change to be in a younger class where I could be more helpful for the teacher and the children. So finally, I was in the class 2, the children are only seven years old and are 35 in the class. I felt really better in this class where the children needed me, and it was also easier for me to explain maths to them (shapes, additions, time…).

Class 2 ith the sport uniform

Everyday, I'm happy to go to school, I have become attached to the children and it is really satisfactory when they learn something thanks to me.

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