4 octobre 2017
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Pure Fiji, a local brand

The south Pacific is known for these many resources of natural products and the traditional beauty rituals. These natural products like the macadamia nut, the pineapple, the coconut oil, the sugar cane, the papaya have many powers.

The brand « Pure Fiji » uses these traditional recipes and mixes it with the currently scientific technicals. This is the unique brand that uses only Fijian products and plants to create these extraordinary cosmetic products.

The creator is conviced that pure and natural ingredients are the solution to keep a healthy body.

Moreover, Pure Fiji guarantees that all the products are ecologically friendly and support the environment that sustains the business. For example, the brand tries to minimise the carbin footprint, and the bottles used for the packaging generate 40% less solid waste than glass bottles. They ensure that these products have a positive impact on people and economies of the locam communities.

The corporate offices and the factories are based in Suva, the capital of the Fiji. In Suva, the customers can enjoy the Day Spa, the Health and Wellness Center, Yoga lessons, Pilates and Fitness Studio.

Pure Fiji offers  a product range for the hair, the body and the face.

For the body :  body sugar scrub, body butter, body lotion, milk shower gel, spa soap. For each products, the customer can choose between different fragrances like pineapple, frangipane, white gingerlily, orange blossom, passion flower…

For the hair : shampoo, conditionner and exotic oil. The customer can choose between pineapple, mango and coconut.

For the face : scrub, hydrating day, serum, anti-aging creme, lip balm…


For the moment, Pure Fiji is only available in Austria, New Zealand and Fiji Islands. I hope one day it will be available in France !

I have no tested these products yet, but I will buy some of them when I will go back to France.

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