2 octobre 2017
plante kava


A Fijian traditional beverage : the Kava

The kava is a crop that we can found in the western pacific, especially in Fiji.

The kava (or yaqona) is prepared from the root of a pepper plant, this is the national drink of Fiji. In the past, the kava was using by Fidjians chiefs, but now everyone can enjoy it. The drink brings about the feelings of numbness on the tongue and lips, along with muscle relaxation. However, it is strong an can become intoxicating if you drink too much of it !

The root of a pepper plant is pounded in a fine powder and then mixed with water. It’s really simple to make kava.

For a part of Fidjian people, the kava is a daily beverage, after work or after the dinner. It’s a way to share a moment with friends or the family.

There is a kava ceremony in villages, everybody is sit, cross-legged in a circle, outside on the floor. The « chief » is sit in front of the other people. This is him that prepare the kava, in a big wooden bowl. He gives a little bowl (a half of a coconut) of kava to the others. The bowl turn  between the participants.

kava ceremony

I have tasted the kava for the fist time during my « induction day » at the Projects abroad’s office. I really don’t like this beverage because it’s bitter, and really strange, the aspect is like water mix with mud. To conclude, it's really not appetizing, I think you need to be a Fijian people to like it.

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