24 septembre 2017


Projects Abroad

For 25 years, Projects abroad is the world’s leading international volunteering organisation. Their headquarters are in the UK but they are working with more than 50 countries around the world.

projecst ab map

Since 1992, Projects Abroad helped around 100 000 people in the world. The idea to create an organization for the volunterring came from UK students and their professor Peter Slowe in the 1990s because this students wanted a break from their studies to do something worthwhile. Today, a lot of students have a « gap year » and want to do something useful.

Before my departure for the Fiji, I was in contact with my volunteer advisor, I asked him all my questions, my doubts and we prepared my voyage.

In Fiji, I have a Fijian coordinator, he comes every weeks at my school to check if all is going well, on my fisrt day we visited together Lautoka (where I am), if I have a question I always can ask to him. We do feed-backs two times a month about my host family, the school, he is a caring person.

Currently, we are a lot of volunteers from different countries, but I am the only one french. 

I am with others volunteers from belgium, Germany, United states, Netherlands, Ireland, Northern… I am the only one who is here for my studies. Most of them are here for their holidays or for a gap year (actually this is commom for the German students). Some of them are already graduated, but it is quite rare, the average age is around 20-22 years old.

After my arrived, and like all the others volunteers, I had my « Induction day ». I spend the full day with Ravneet my volunteer coordinator and another volunteer to discover the city where we are living, how and where can we take the bus, the good places and some advice.

Every week, all the staff of Projects Abroad get together with all the volunteers for a workshop (on Thursday) or community day (one time in a month, on Friday). During a workshop, we broach topics like the culture in Fiji, how can we mix teaching and fun…

An example of a community day : in september, the community day was dedicate to clean a beach in Lautoka.


Here the link to go on their website : https://www.projects-abroad.fr/

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