22 septembre 2017
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Why I have chosen to be a volunteer

I am currently in third year at the IPAG Business School of Paris. During this special year, we have the opportunity to spend the year abroad. One semester is at the university, the other one is an internship or to do volunteering. I have chosen to do volunteering, because during my first and second years, I did internships, so this third year is the opportunity to do someting different. And I think it is the only one opportunity for me to try the volunteering in my whole life. I have chosen the Fiji because it is really far from the France, with another culture, another lifestyle. Four months is a long period thanks to wich I could really discover all these aspects and understand the “real Fiji”.

But what’s the volunteering ? The volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain "to benefit another person, group or organization"

My role during these four months will be to assist the associate teacher with the weaker students, assess their abilities in Numeracy using the Projects Abroad Checklist.

I will work with the Teaching Management plan and will focus on either collection of data or improvements based on previous data collected by volunteers of Projects Abroad Fiji in that school. The areas of focus are increasing literacy, improving English and increasing numeracy and one of these will be the goal for the volunteer. For example, I will work with a few children towards improvement in numeracy in specific areas such as counting, simple addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, identification of numbers, shapes and money, telling time and many more activities that contribute to the learning outcome of that particular class.   

Once a month, all the volunteers are meeting for a "community day". For example, in september the goal of the community day was to clean a beach in Lautoka.index

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